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About UK-Scientific

We Create, You Teach, They Learn.

UK-Scientific is one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of academic and technical teaching instruments and complete experiment set-ups for schools, colleges, universities and professional education.

We offer complete experiments in physics in the fields of laser, optoelectronics, optic, photonics, mechanics, atomic and nuclear, electricity and magnetism, heat and thermodynamics and solid state physics. We ensure that the instruments needed in the laboratories in those fields can be accessed safely and efficiently. We provide a range of products including power supplies, counter, timers, lasers, discharge lamps, optomechanics and many others are avaliable directly from us.

Our main priority is ensuring our bespoke products are designed specifically to help students progress in Science while being safe. UK-Scientific has over forty year’s personal experience in teaching, research and laboratory establishing allow us to provide the best quality and value.

Working close with customers is our strategy and we welcome any new ideas that will incorporate in developing our products.

UK-Scientific News




Keele University Trip

Riyadh will be meeting with UK Leading Professors in Physics from Keele University to discuss the development of UK-Scientic.




Website Revamp

New website is launched on this date..